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Top 5 SPICY Books

This one is for you smut readers only! All books linked on my Amazon Storefront.

  1. Sarah J. Maas, 'ACOTAR' series. The whole series will suck you in and hold you hostage! There is fantasy, romance, smut, horror and so much more.

  2. K F Breene, "A Ruin Of Roses." Childhood stories turn dark and sultry. This fiery spin off of Beauty and the Beast is a must read.

  3. Sarah J. Maas, "Cresent City" series. I may be biased because SJM is my favorite smut author but this two book series brings fantasy, passion, love and mystical creatures together in this series.

  4. Colleen Hoover, "It Ends With Us." A great first read to introduce you to smut books. Colleen Hoover has taken us all in and I personally can't get enough!

  5. H.D Carlton, "Haunting Adeline." By far the most controversial book to surface and the darkest I have ever read. Love it or hate it, you won't be able to put it down. *multiple trigger warnings in this book*


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