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There is a billion people in the world. That means there is a billion definitions of Love. No two people will have the same exact definition of the word love. Do me a favor, leave your definition of love or loving someone in the comments if you can or leave it with you mentally. N

ow take this definition and apply it. Ask yourself, 'Do I love myself like my definition states?'

I am about to write this and tell you why you should do something that even I struggle with sometimes. To me, loving yourself is the most important challenge in life. Loving someone is almost too easy for me, I have a big heart and I always have. If I can love others so easily, why can't I love myself the same? You would think I could. If you asked me to provide a list of things I love and dislike about myself. Well let's just say I would sound like a hypocrite if you looked at the list and read this article. So be it, maybe I will help someone love themselves just a little bit more and maybe I can take a look in the mirror and love myself too.

Only you understands you

It doesn't matter how big your family is, how many friends you have or how many followers you acquire. At the end of the day, the only person who genuinely understands you and why you are the way you are, is YOU. So if there's only one person who understand you, you better start loving them and appreciating them. You are your biggest fan. Provide yourself with what you need and want. Do not let others give you happiness, love and fulfill your wants and need. If you are the only one who truly knows your wants and needs, then you provide them. Motivate yourself.

There's a billion people but one YOU

Out of all these humans, I need you to love you. That can't be hard right? Wrong. I fully understand. If you really think about this it's beyond smart. If you can love so many people who you meet in your life, why can't you love yourself? You can. You can't forget that if you can't truly love yourself, you will never be able to truly love someone else. When you learn to love yourself you will be filled with so much happiness you won't know what to do with it, so you share it with someone you love. Once you love yourself you have endless control of loving someone. What's important is that you can't forget about loving yourself. All of these billions of people are not you. You are unique, strong, smart and beautiful in your own way. It's cliche but don't tell me I am wrong.

Loving you is healthy

Loving yourself will be the healthiest thing you can ever do mentally and emotionally. Hating or disliking yourself not only takes more work, tires you, but causes recurring negative thoughts that can be prevented and taken care of. Throughout our lifetime we let so many people in but never ourselves. Just once, let yourself in this time. Let yourself in, take a long look in the mirror and realize what these negative thoughts do. If there is something you do not love about you physically, take care of it. If there is something you do not love about yourself mentally, take care of it. Take charge of loving yourself.

Just put yourself first. There's no need to go quit your job, or leave your relationships. But simply take care of yourself. There will never be anything wrong with putting yourself first and loving yourself first. If someone truly loves you, they will want you to love yourself for the same reasons they do and even more. Nobody enjoys someone who is negative and especially towards themselves. If you take anything out of this, please take this. You owe yourself the love you give people so freely.


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